VSL#3 has been Rebranded into Visbiome


One of the most well researched probiotics known under name VSL#3 is not being produced in the USA anymore.

According to the inventor of this formulation, Professor Claudio de Simone, exactly the same formulation as the former VSL#3 is being sold under a new name Visbiome. If you live in Europe this probiotic goes under the brand name Vivomixx.

visbiome probiotic

While manufacturing of VSL#3 formulation has been discontinued in 2016, you can still find a probiotic VSL#3 in Europe. European formula is manufactured in Italy. However, do not be fooled. This probiotic manufactured in Italy has the same strains but different formulation. Since this new Italian formulation has not been clinically tested they can only speculate that  their formulation has the same properties. Here are some details on what US court has decided regarding Italian formulation.


Moreover, there was also a comparative study of the old (US) and new (Italian) formulation where the efficacy and safety of Italian formula was under question.

This is very important point. Many probiotic producers take certain clinically tested probiotics, mix and match them with other strains that were or weren’t tested in any other clinical studies and claim their probiotics may have certain properties. They cannot do these claims unless they tests their formulated probiotic in a clinical setting and prove that their formula does what they say it does.

VSL#3 (now Visbiome) is one of the most researched probiotic formulating that has been studies and published in nearly 80 different clinical studies. It can help with Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Ulcerative Colitis, antibiotic associated diarrhea, metabolic syndromes and many other health issues.


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